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Off-Campus: Someone to Like

In this weekly feature, we will share our ideas for what you can do “off-campus” while the museum is closed. Today’s post comes from Nicole M. Roylance, Coordinator of Public Education and Information.

At the Art Center, we generally do not tell people who they should be friends with online or in life. But if I can make one recommendation for Facebook users, “like” the Vassar Art Library. There are reasons to like the institution itself- but the advantage to declaring your “like” on Facebook is that you get to hear from the library in your newsfeed. Don’t have the time or the patience to skim every newspaper from around the globe for articles? The Vassar Art Library’s Facebook page is helpful list of interesting and important articles to read (and I am not just saying that because they include our posts from time to time). I hope you like it.

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