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Ida-Rose Chabon (she/they) is a junior from Berkeley, California. She is an American Studies major with a concentration in Art History and Native American Studies. She is interested in textile arts, such as quilting and needlework. In her free time, she is a country music radio DJ, and a film photographer.

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Natalia Fay (she/her) is from Mahwah, New Jersey, and is a junior art history major. She enjoys reading, spending time in nature, listening to music, and dancing (when she has time). Her favorite art period is medieval and Renaissance, but her favorite painting is Gustave Dore’s Defense of Paris.


Kathleen Chang (she/her) is a sophomore Media Studies and Economics double major from Milford, Connecticut. In her free time, she likes to frequent museums and listen to music. Her favorite artistic movement is modern art and her favorite artist is Van Gogh.

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Niamh Mulligan (she/her) is a sophomore student majoring in Studio Art with an Education correlate, from Boston, Massachusetts. Her favorite artistic movements are Art Nouveau, Abstract Expressionism, and Folk Art; her current favorite artists are Helen Frankenthaler, Betye Saar, Ana Mendieta, and Hilma af Klint.

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Harris Neal  is a sophomore from San Rafael, California. They are currently deciding between an Art History, Anthropology, or Media Studies major, and they love drawing, reading, and going on hikes. Their favorite artists are Ana Mendieta and Hilma af Klint.

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Tara Peterson (she/they) is a Sophomore and double English and Medieval and Renaissance Major. Her interests include reading, writing, and gardening. Her favorite art includes the Impressionists and ancient art.

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Ilan Bahar (he/him) is a first-year from Columbus, Ohio. He has not declared a major yet, but is leaning towards Environmental Science and Urban Studies. His favorite artists are Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Gustav Klimt, and René Magritte.

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Natalie Buzzell (she/her) is a first-year from Rochester, New York. She has not declared a major, however, she is planning on studying History or Political Science. She is also interested in Art History and Greek and Roman Studies. Right now, her favorite artist is Georgia O’Keefe and her favorite artistic movement is Romanticism.

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Naya Kennedy (she/her) is a first-year from Albany, New York. Her academic interests include Environmental Studies and Political Science. Some of her other interests are painting, reading, and history. Her favorite artist is Walter Launt Palmer.

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Margot Leinbach (she/her) is a first-year student from San Anselmo, California. She plans to study art history. Other interests include philosophy and psychology. Some artists she loves are Joan Mitchell and Max Ernst.

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Maya Lopez (they/them) is originally from Albuquerque, NM, and is a first-year at Vassar. They are planning on majoring in Biology or Environmental Science, but in their free time, Maya likes to experience all things art-related, including creating art! Their favorite artist is David Hockney – they love the vibrant colors he uses in his works. They are very excited to be working at the Loeb and sharing our collection with our visitors!

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Sabina Lopez-Jensen (they/them) is a first-year from Denver, CO. They are a hypothetical Drama and American Studies double major, but haven’t declared anything yet. When not in class or at the Loeb, you can find them playing guitar, singing with the College Choir, crocheting, watching trashy TV, or putting together unnecessarily coordinated outfits. Their favorite artist is Keith Haring, but they love any art that’s colorful, innovative, and/or promotes social good. They are so excited to see you at the Loeb!