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Off-Campus: Eyes That See

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In this weekly feature, we will share our ideas for what you can do “off-campus” while the museum is closed. This week’s entry comes from Nicole M. Roylance, Coordinator of Public Education and Information.

Herb and Dorothy portrayed by Wil Barnet.

The first time I heard about Herb and Dorothy, I thought the storyteller was embellishing. A friend, who had retired from the Brooklyn Public Library, mentioned his friends, Herb and Dorothy. Herb and Dorothy had this really neat collection of contemporary art. Dorothy worked at the library and Herb worked at the post office. They lived on Dorothy’s salary and collecting with Herb’s paycheck.

In 2008, Megumi Sasaki released a documentary about Herb and Dorothy and their remarkable collection. The artists’ represented include Chuck Close, Sol Lewitt, Christo, Robert Mangold, James Siena, Dennis Oppenheim, Cindy Sherman, and the list goes on. But beyond the collection is the relationship that Herb and Dorothy have developed with contemporary artists’ over the course of their collecting career. Herb and Dorothy are fixtures on the gallery circuit and their discerning eyes have become legend in the art world.

Watch this film this weekend (Netflix subscribers, this is available on Instant View) and be inspired by these extraordinary art lovers.