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Ian Shelley (he/him) is a senior Art History and French major from Frederick, Maryland. He is currently interested in working on making the Loeb’s Hudson River School collection a more accessible and respectful space for visitors.

Favorite work | Mark Rothko (American b. Latvia, 1903–1970), No.1 (No. 18, 1948), 1948–1949, Oil on canvas, Gift of Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd (Blanchette Hooker, class of 1931), 1955.6.6

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Magdalena Ramos Mullane (she/they) makes and organizes in New Mexico (her home state) and in Poughkeepsie. She is in her senior year. Art History major and artist, she is interested in creation unconstrained by scale, in every sense.

Favorite work | Rodney Charles Hardee, (American),  Adam And Even in the Garden, 1984, Oil on wood panel, Gift of Pat O’Brien Parsons, class of 1951, 2005.33.88

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Aeshna Shah (she/her) is a junior starting her first year as a docent, from Mumbai, India. She is majoring in Economics and Art History and is passionate about Modern and Contemporary art with a soft spot for fauvists and impressionists.

Favorite work | Circle of: Rogier van der Weyden (Flemish, c. 1399–1464), “Crucifixion with the Donor Brother Amelius of Emael, 1465, Oil on oak panel, Purchase, Betsy Mudge Wilson, class of 1956, Memorial Fund; Pratt Fund; Suzette Morton Davidson, class of 1934, Fund; Francis Woolsey and Helen Silkman Bronson, class of 1924, Fund, 1995.10


Henry Turner (he/him) is a junior International Studies Major from Boise, Idaho. He enjoys camping, traveling, and simply relaxing in the park with friends. In Boise, he has been exposed to many forms of art, sculpture and media, although surrealist paintings are his favorite.

Favorite Work | Georgia O’Keeffe (American, 1887–1986), East River, No. 3, 1926, Oil on canvas, Bequest of Mrs. Arthur Schwab (Edna Bryner, class of 1907), 1967.31.1

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Natalia Fay (she/her) is a sophmore prospective Art History major from New Jersey. In her first year as a student docent, she is excited to help make art more accessible to the community. 

Favorite Work | Gustave Doré (French, 1832–1883), The Defense of Paris (Memories of 1870), 1871, Oil on canvas, Purchase, Suzette Morton Davidson, class of 1934, Fund, 1972.2

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Ida-Rose Chabon (she/they) is a sophomore American Studies student concentrating on American Art History. She grew up in Berkeley, California. She is a photographer and textile artist, and can’t wait to share her love for art with everyone!

Favorite Work Florine Stettheimer (American, 1871–1944), Natatorium Undine, 1927, Oil and encaustic on canvas, Gift of Ettie Stettheimer, 1949.5

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Niamh Mulligan (she/her), a first-year student from Boston, Massachusetts, is undecided on major but is interested in Studio Art and Art History. She has a passion for the ways that making and appreciating art can impact individuals and communities. 

Favorite Work Squire Joseph Vickers (American, 1872–1947), Fantasy Castle with Men on Zebras, 1923, Oil on panel, Gift of the Shepherd Gallery Associates, New York, and purchase, Lydia Evans Tunnard, class of 1936, Fund, 1993.4

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Kathleen Chang (she/her) is a first-year from Milford, Connecticut. She is very excited to be a docent this year and is looking forward to exploring the Contemporary art in the Loeb’s collection.

Favorite Work Hedda Sterne (American b. Romania, 1910–2011), Annalee Newman, 1952, Oil on canvas, Bequest of Pricilla Miner Morgan, class of 1941, 2014.27

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Aanzan Sachdeva (she/her) as a first-year student from Queens, NYC, She is hoping to major in Biochemisty and get a correlate in Religion. In her free time, she likes playing the ukulele and doing digital comic inspired art.

Favorite Work Cindy Sherman (American, b. 1954), Untitled #304, 1994, C-print, Purchase, Betsy Mudge Wilson, class of 1956, Memorial Fund, 1994.26


Harris Neal (any pronouns), a first year student from northern California, is a prospective Biology major. In free time, he loves spending time at the library, drawing in his sketchbook, and drinking jasmine tea.

Favorite Work | Georgia O’Keeffe, (American, 1887–1986), Spring, c. 1922, Oil on canvas, Bequest of Mrs. Arthur Schwab (Edna Bryner, class of 1907), 1967.31.15


Tara Peterson (she/her), a  prospective Anthropology major in her first year, is interested in the way art and Anthropology can work together to tell us about the past. Some of her favorite art is from funerary practices in and around the ancient Mediterranean world, as well as tile mosaics.

Favorite Work | Valentine de Boulogne, (French, 1591–1632), The Four Ages of Man, Nd, Oil on canvas, Museum purchase, 1939.5