Connections: The Figures Above

Today’s post comes from Taylor Shoolery, Vassar College Class of 2012 and Vassar Center Student Docent. Walking through the main entrance to Vassar College is something that we students do with considerable frequency, yet how many of us have paused to tilt our heads ever so slightly to take a closer look at the figures that gaze down on us? I, for one, had not given much thought to these fascinating gothic revival sculptures on the exterior of Taylor Hall, the home of the Art History department and Art Library here at Vassar, that is until this Tuesday when James Mundy, the Anne Hendricks Bass Director of the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center spoke about them as a part of the ongoing lecture series, Insights On Sight.

Connections: Lasting Vision

Today's post comes from Carolyn Nims, Vassar College class of 2011 and Art Center…