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Poetry Off The Wall: Part Six, Lillian Kalish

Today’s post comes from Gabrielle Miranda, class of 2018 and Art Center Student Docent.

This is part six of a six part series. To learn more about the Poetry Off the Wall series, view the first post here
The final video in the Poetry Off the Wall series is by senior Political Science major Lillian Kalish. Lillian is a senior Political Science major at Vassar. She comes from Santa Monica, California, and plans to spend next year reporting, eating, and writing poems in Myanmar. Lillian loves to cook, travel, dabble between languages, and find poetry in political theory.

Lillian’s poem references a work that is literally “off the wall” at present; it was temporarily on view in the fall but was returned to collections storage before we were able to shoot the video series. This American work, a watercolor on paper from the 19th century, is a sort of blank template for keeping family records; this one was never filled in. Lillian’s poem Going Off the Record reflects her interests in finding the poetry in political theory as well as interpersonal interactions, such as those of the family.  


It is my sincerest hope that this video series has helped in your celebration of Poetry Month. Never fear jotting a few lines down the next time you’re looking at art at the FLLAC or anywhere else–the arts are meant to cross lines of genre, time, and place!

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