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Sonnet for Billy Name

Today’s post comes from Gabrielle Miranda, class of 2018 and Art Center Student Docent.

andy warhol met billy name at a haircutting party and when andy died, billy was poor for a while

Billy Name, American, 1940-2016
Billy Looking Out Over the Lake in Central Park, 1960
Thermofax from photograph
Gift of the artist, in honor of the Friends of the Vassar College Art Gallery, 1989.4.18

sweet world, my god, now what’s a name for me?

Billy, it was the word you called me with.

paint it silver, you sighed with glee, Billy

Name, you whis-purred, barber and silversmith.

We walked slowly hand in hand, we grin

you turn the key, we enter. I believe

it’s a home of silver, a home for life.

With me? I say, he nods, and now I grieve

Croton Harmon Beacon Newburg Poughkip

and though we stopped being in love, my friends,

every word’s a slide I dodge, I slip.

Billy, a name no more. No me, the end

the man with a mustache can now lie down

the name he belonged to — just an old crown.

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