Artful Dodger: Prof. Tim Koechlin

Today’s post comes from Kristina Arike, Class of 2014 and Art Center Student Docent. Last week’s Artful Dodger featured Tim Koechlin, the Director of Vassar‘s International Studies Program, and...

Kaleidoscope: Many Lenses for Rothko

Today’s post comes from Taylor Shoolery, Art Center docent and Vassar College class of 2012. Last week at the Kaleidoscope presentation, a series of interdisciplinary panels that address a...

A One-Man Show for Five People

Today’s post comes from Ani Kodzhabasheva, Class of 2012 and Art Center Student Docent. Ever feel too constrained by societal norms? So did Brian O’Doherty, Irish artist, writer, critic, and medical...


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Video by Naima Nader, student docent and Vassar class of '23

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