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Off-Campus: Make An Impression

A detail of an impression made of Jenny Holzer's sculptural installation, For Elizabeth.

Last night at Late Night Leaves the Lehman Loeb, we made impressions of Jenny Holzer’s sculptural installation, For Elizabeth. Did you miss it? It’s alright. You can still make your own rubbing. Here’s how:

Step One: Consider the text. Select a passage that speaks to you. You may wish to reproduce the whole poem or just selected phrases.

"Friday was nice. Friday was nice."

Step Two: Cut your tracing paper. (Note: Individual benches in For Elizabeth are 60 x 24 inches)
We used tracing paper on a roll so we could vary the dimensions of our rubbings.

Step Three: Tape the paper to the bench so it doesn’t move when you make your impression.
Painter's tape to the rescue.

Step Four: Rub your crayon over the bench until you achieve your desired effect.
Taylor used multiple colors for her impression.

Step Five: Remove paper and tape.
Step Six: Display your impression proudly.
Annie shows her impression to Taylor and Mikey.

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