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Welcome Back with Late Night

Today’s post comes from Julie MacDonald, Class of 2012 and Art Center Student Docent.

Last Thursday, the Art Center celebrated the fifth anniversary of Late Night with a crowd of visitors who came in to enjoy the collection and some cake. To commemorate the occasion, members of the student advisory committee for the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center planned an additional activity in which guests could take Polaroid photos.

By the end of the event, there was a huge variety of Polaroids on display–which made me think about what we choose to display, both as an institution and in our personal space. So we asked the guests at Late Night what kind of art they display in their rooms and, as with the Polaroids, by the end of the night we were left with a diverse set of responses. Here are a few of them:

  • “Prints by artists I admire, any of my own sketches that I like, and sketches friends give me.” –Gianna, 2015
  •  “Maps of cities I love and of the US, postcards from art exhibitions I love, photos and cards from friends as well as Haitian art!” –Fiona, 2012
  •  “Aluminum foil sculptural masterpieces, tapestries, my friend’s doodles as well as my own beautiful line creations.” –Rob, 2014
  • “Band posters, because I’m just that hip.” – Jeremy, 2015

What do you put out for display in your home? What guides your selection?

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