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Connections: Fall Break

Today’s post comes from Nicole M. Roylance, Coordinator of Public Education and Information.

Frederic Edwin Church (American, 1826- 1900) Autumn in North America, c. 1856, Gift of Matthew Vassar.

The Vassar College campus is quiet. Students have abandoned Poughkeepsie for other locations to enjoy a week-long Fall Break. Although students are sure to be relishing a break from the demands of student life, they are missing a particularly spectacular week of weather here in the Hudson Valley. Although the mornings have been chilly, the afternoons have been filled with sunshine that makes the autumn foliage seem particularly brilliant.
The luscious oranges, reds, and yellows that are consuming the Hudson Valley remind me of Frederic Church’s Autumn in North America. This Art Center favorite depicts three cattle wandering through a generic American wood filled with vivid colors. It seems Church could have painted a similar scene this week- just substitute three cattle for three Subarus touring through the wilderness.

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