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Last Night at Late Night: Be My Valentine

Every Thursday night during Late Night at the Lehman Loeb we pose a question to our visitors. Read their responses and let us know your answer in the comments section.

This Week’s Question: Which work of art would you give your Valentine?

“The Stettheimer- you know when you give someone a gift because YOU want it?” – Juliet, class of 2014

“Well, my girlfriend’s really into 16th century wooden sculpture from Germany, so maybe the Mary Magdalene with Ointment Jar?” – Mike, class of 2011

“The lovely Bacon.” – Carlos, class of 2012

“The Defense of Paris, in honor of his semester in Paris.” -Nadine, class of 2012

“I’m going to be my own Valentine… So, I’d give myself the Kelly.” – Mikey, class of 2011

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