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Last Night at Late Night: Four Years Old

Every Thursday night during Late Night at the Lehman Loeb we pose a question to our visitors. Read their responses and let us know your answer in the comments section.

This Week’s Question: Late Night is four years old. What work of art would you have liked on your fourth birthday?

“The Picasso. I had really good taste.” – Nate, class of 2011

“The Florine Stettheimer- because its pretty and there are people playing.” – Rosie, class of 2013

“The Dutch Market- it reminds me of how my parents used to garden and bring baskets of fruits and vegetables home.” -Dominic

“The Warhol Mikey Mouse, which isn’t on view but it is awesome.” -Max, class of 2011

“The Calder because you could play with it.” -Dan, class of 2013

“Chinese Bronze Food Vessel- I could’ve put my pet dinosaurs in it.” -Martin

“The Francis Bacon. I was weird.” -Mikey, class of 2011

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