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Last Night at Late Night: Style Icons

Louise Nevelson, an artist represented in our collection, was known for her unique style. (Photo: Richard Avedon, via Indigo & Alison)

Every Thursday night during Late Night at the Lehman Loeb we pose a question to our visitors. Read our favorite responses and let us know your answer in the comments section.

This Week’s Question: It’s the launch of Contrast, the Vassar style magazine. Which work of art’s style would you like to emulate?

The Portrait of Frances Lehman Loeb, she’s fabulous. – Dan, class of 2013

Matthew Vassar, clearly. – Jeff, class of 2011

The Harvest, it’s very understated. – Anna, class of 2011

Rothko…I like the colors, man. – Nick, class of 2013

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