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Off-Campus: Art Expert

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In this weekly feature, we will share our ideas for what you can do “off-campus” while the museum is closed. This week’s entry comes from Nicole M. Roylance, Coordinator of Public Education and Information.

The forecast calls for rain... Stay inside with David Sedaris (pictured).
The forecast calls for rain… Stay inside with David Sedaris (pictured).

We all have opinions about art: what we like, what we do not like, and what we think is just awful. On a recent visit to a gallery, a friend turned to me and said, “There is nothing you can tell me about that thing that is going to make me like it.” We all have opinions about art.

David Sedaris explores the development and differences in opinion in his New Yorker article, “Suitable for Framing”. Sedaris recounts visiting a gallery near his childhood home in North Carolina and his disagreements with his parents about the works of art they purchased for their home. Who is an artist? Who is an expert? And what does it matter?

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