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Last Night at Late Night: Family Weekend

“I think that my dad would really love Edward Hopper’s Night Shadows” – Isaac, class of 2014

Every Thursday night during Late Night at the Lehman Loeb we pose a question to our visitors. Read our favorite responses and let us know your answer in the comments section.

This Week’s Question: It’s Family Weekend. Which work of art do you think your parents would you like most?

“Francis Bacon’s Study for Portrait IV – My parents are very Catholic” – Andrew, class 0f 2012

“My dad loves Paris so I think that he would really love Munch’s The Seine at St. Cloud.” – Maggie, class of 2014

“I have no idea! Well, it’s family weekend – so, I guess I’ll have to take my Mom to the Lehman Loeb and ask her!” – Stacy, class of 2011

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